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hi. I'm kylee.

I started writing this blog back in 2006, long before there were "two pretzels" in my life. So much has happened since it all began.

I live in Mexico. I write about fashion and books and parenting and life. And, I adore Lionel Richie.


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Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. Subject: Teeth Brushing

Last week Vivi, my seven-year-old, threw down the gauntlet to me. (Or at me?) Anywho, a challenge was offered, and I promptly accepted. It was approximately 7:15 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and the kid hadn't properly brushed her teeth in days. The sweater-like build up was both on the front AND inside of her bottom teeth and quite frankly, this is when I felt like as a parent, I needed to step in. So, I did. It didn't go well. Backstory: The 7-year-old has a loose tooth on the bottom ...

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What you need to know today

1. Jen Hatmaker published her annual gift guide and there are some AMAZING gift sources with a conscience. I'm most excited by Parks Project. Each product contributes directly to one of more than 30 different conservancies across the US, providing for the ongoing care of National Parks. And, the stuff? SO COOL. Get 15% off with the code, FORTHELOVE 2. Get on it. The New York Times published their Best books of 2018 list. Add these to your Goodreads account. My personal from this ...

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words are everything

I believe that words give life. They empower, entertain, encourage, touch and unite. I write the words so that we can see and feel all that we have in common. Though I will never stand behind chokers. I hate those necklaces.

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