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hi. I'm kylee.

I started writing this blog back in 2006, long before there were "two pretzels" in my life. So much has happened since it all began.

I live in Mexico. I write about fashion and books and parenting and life. And, I adore Lionel Richie.

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2020 Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Updated Monday 12:002 p.m. MT. I forgot a couple of dresses.Let's dig right in with the 2020 Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Recap, shall we? Boom. Here we have Scarlett Johansson in Oscar de la Renta. I love tinsel, I love this. Wear it today, dismantle it and use it on the tree next December. Merry Christmas. Not a fan of Sibley-Scoles' foil dress, but who cares about that?A.) Her hair is fantastic. And,B.) HER ARMS ARE killer. Penélope-Cruz is actually wearing a body poof on ...

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Vivienne is Nine.

It's a strange thing when your baby turns nine. (It's probably a strange thing when your baby turns 19 or 39. But let's just take this one year at a time.) Happy Birthday, Vivienne. My sweet Vivienne is a life embracer. She skips through life. She sings through life. She hums and dances and giggles and runs and leaps. Vivienne is life. :: Nobody loves her birthday more than this child. She literally wakes up with the BIGGEST smile on her face and it remains throughout the ...

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words are everything

I believe that words give life. They empower, entertain, encourage, touch and unite. I write the words so that we can see and feel all that we have in common. Though I will never stand behind chokers. I hate those necklaces.

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